Bursa Tourist Guide


Bursa, as known Green the first capital city of Ottoman Empire . Located in North West of Turkey in Marmara Region. It is the fourth most populous city in Turkey, also as known the heart of textile and automobile industries of Turkey.

In this article I would like to tell you about, tourism development of Bursa City in recent years and tourism attractions that you need to visit.  Every year Bursa, especially from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates is visited by thousands of tourists. With natural beauties, historical texture and modern structure Bursa is one of the important city to be visited. English is the most spoken language in Bursa. If you also want to visit Bursa, you will find the clues of your travel plan to make it easy and more efficient.



This historical mosque from Ottoman Empire was built in 1399, located city center of Bursa. Ulu Camii with its splendid architechtural and fountain inside will be the first stop of your trip in Bursa.


Tarihi Çınar as known Big Tree is one of the symbols of Bursa is standing over 500 years in Inkaya village, on the way of Uludağ. This peaceful place, you can watch great green Bursa view  from the top while drinking tea.


The Green Tomb, which is an example of remarkable architecture from Ottoman was buit in 1421. You will see the best colour of green ceramic inside and outside of octogonal prism building.


Grand Bazaar Bursa located in the city center, exhibits you traditional foods and clothing with small shops inside.  You will certainly find something to buy inside the bazaar but do not forget to bargain with the salers. Also, find inside of the covered bazaar exchange offices and jewelers easily.


Koza Han is a historical place  the silk merchants of the past have now become a place where we sit and enjoy small talk over tea. Koza Han is one of the best example of an old bazaar from Ottoman Empire architecht. Still there are variety of real silk products are selling.


Cumalıkızık is an original Ottoman village that join the list of Unesco World Heritage in 2014. All buildings standing very strongly againts to nature and history for about 700 years. This village is about 13 km outside of the center.


Is a meeting point of green, nature, water and the peace. Saitabat waterfall as known short waterfall, is formed by melted snow water flowing down from the Uludağ. The restaurants around the place serving trout in tile, you need to taste it ıf you go there.  15 km from the city center of Bursa.


Uludağ is one of the most popular winter sports center in Turkey with its magnificent natural beauties. In winter and in summer you can find different activities in Uludag. The snow in winter months, can be up to 3 meters, of course ıt depends but generally at least there is 1 meter snow in ground. Accomodation in Uludag is expensive but the place deserves it. About 40 Km from the city center of Bursa, there is an oppurtunity to reach there by cable car ( Teleferik ) with the gorgeous view and natural beauties, takes about only 20 minutes. Every year in the month of january, traditional winter festival is organized for teenagers and college students with the participation of famous singers and DJ’s.


Tirilye is an old Greek small seaside  town, 40 km from Bursa city center, should be visited place. This historical small town  has hosted a wide variety of civilizations for centuries. A fishermen town Tirilye is  also famous for olive oil. You will smell the fresh olive fragrence during your trip in Trilye’s narrow streets.


Iznik is North West of Bursa about 75 km far from the center. Known as Nicea, is a place where very important town for Christian people. You will see in Iznik, the buildings that was built by Byzantines and important churches, also Anatolian influences.  According to the Christian faith,  One of them of the 7 churches of the Acopolypse located in Iznik. Every year Iznik is visited by Christian people to complete their pray pilgrimage. Do not forget to buy for souvenir World-Famous Iznik ceramic and porcelains.


Gölyazı is a peninsula small village on the shores of lake Apolyont. History of this village goes back to the Roman period. Historically and geogrophically features of original move. About 25 km from the center.


The second waterfall Suuçtu as known long waterfall is located far from the Bursa city center. It is in Mustafa Kemal Paşa town and takes about 1 hour from Bursa. Water is falling down from 38 metres high. Green and peaceful place is waiting for the visitors.



The best spot where you can watch Bursa as panaromic. When you walk up to Tophane you will also visit the tombs of Sultan Osman (which was named Empire) and Sultan Orhan who are the founder of Ottoman Empire.



Before you come to the Bursa you need to plan first that how many days will you stay in Bursa. Because the places we suggested are in different places. Now ı will advise you for Daily trips, it will be useful for you to save the time and more active.

** If you only have 1 day for Bursa;

You need to go city center of Bursa and first stop will be the Tophane. Walk up to go there but it will be enjoyable for you. Second visit will be the Great Mosque ( Ulu Cami ) and than you can go by walk about 5 minutes to Inns Area ( Koza Khan ). Take pictures,have some rest while drinking tea. Outside of the KozaHan is Grand Bazaar, we are very sure that you will spend much time here. Are you hungry? Why don’t you taste World famous Iskandar Kebap? You are so lucky because, The original Iskandar Restaurant is also in the city center. You will walk only 15 minutes. Ok now you look very full and we can continue the trip. Go straight ahead in the main Street, you will see the bridge. Take some pictures here.  Cross the bridge and follow the signs written on Yeşil.  5 minutes later you will see the amazing Green Tomb with peaceful area. Enjoy the rest of your time. The sun began to sink, time to go back.



In Bursa you will have wide variety of shopping alternatives. For traditional shopping you need to visit the grand bazaar of Bursa. As we explained before, Bursa is very famous for on textile. You can easily find cheap and good quality textile products. Shoes,wedding dresses,baby materials, golden jewellery salers also will offer their products. At the end of the grand bazaar you will see   Historical coppersmiths bazaar. You can buy some to your friends or your home as decoration. Actually The Grand bazaar categorized and divided inside as bazaars of, foods, shoes,textile,wools, jewelers, spices.

There are also lots of shopping centers and malls in Bursa. In the heart of the city you will see the mall Zafer Plaza looks like pyramid. Kent meydanı, Carrefour, Koru Park, Özdilek are also the other big malls in Bursa as alternatives.


İSKENDER KEBAB: It is one of the most famous meat food of Bursa and Turkey. prepared from thinly cut grilled lamb basted with hot tomato sauce over pieces of pita bread and generously slathered with melted butter and yoghurt. The best places,” Iskender Kebapçısı” which has patent of the name Iskender is located in the city center. The other one is “Uludağ Kebapçısı” is nearby Kent Meydanı mall.

PİDELİ KÖFTE: Serving grilled meatballs with pita bread, hot tomato sauce over pieces and  melted butter topping it. It has some smilar charecteristic specialties with Iskender Kebap but the taste is different.  The best place is in Kayhan Bazaar and Küçük Saray Pideli Köfte which has 2 restaurants in the center.

İNEGÖL KÖFTE: Inegöl is a town of bursa which is 50 km far from Bursa famous for with grilled meatball. Serving with grilled tomato green pepper and  rice. Drinking Ayran with meatball is a must.

CANDIED CHESTNUTS: The most famous dessert candied chestnuts which is identified with the name of Bursa is sweetened chestnuts grown in the Uludag. You should definetly taste and buy some packages as souvenir people who are dear to you. The best brands are Kafkas and Kardelen shops.


In recent years with the increase of population in Bursa, modern buildings is made to west of the city. These new buildings, sites and residences to be extremely preferred by people so the night life is also moved to the west of the town of Bursa Nilüfer.  Especially Fatih Sultan Mehmed avenue is the best place where people can find everything easily. The most famous places are Hayal Kahvesi, Demo, Big Chiefs.  The concert halls Jolly Joker and Magazin outlet are also great places that you need to visit.



With the international chain hotels, Bursa advise you large variety of accomodation alternatives. In the summer Bursa is in high season and the most expensive time to stay, nevertheless you can also find economic hotels. It is very important that, why do you come to Bursa and where do you want to go in Bursa, because Bursa is a big city and you have too much options. If you come as a family to Bursa, it will be better to get professional hospitality from a travel agency.  Booking a room from the internet web sites is sometimes get in you difficult situations. Besides 5 and 4 stars hotels, you can stay very luxury and comfortable boutique hotels. In additon Apart Hotels are a good solution for long stays and large  families. I can suggest as 5 stars Sheraton, Çelik Palas and Crowne Plaza Hotels, as 4 stars Gönlüferah and Baia Hotels, as an Apart Hotel Formback Thermal and Bursa Aparts.



There is an airport in Bursa Yenişehir but it is not very active airport so that generally people are coming by bus or by ferryboat from Istanbul to Bursa. I think the best way is coming by scheduled ferryboat. You have 2 options in Istanbul,  from Kabataş port BUDO, from Yenikapı port IDO are coming to Bursa with scheduled voyages. Budo ferryboat is going to Mudanya center port, Ido ferryboat is going to Güzelyalı port. You can find buses and taxis in both ports which is going to center of Bursa. Most of buses final destination is Emek metro station so you need to transfer to metro.  Take a ticket in station and ride to Metro to go city center station Şehreküstü.


  • First capital city of Ottoman Empire and its history,
  • Green nature and water sources are awesome,
  • Shopping in covered bazaar so amazing,
  • Delicacies of Bursa unforgettable tastes
  • Peaceful place


  • Go to Uludag by teleferik
  • Visit Ulu Mosque and Green Tombs
  • Eat Iskender Kebap
  • Drink Turkish coffee and tea in Kozahan
  • Taste and buy candied chestnust
  • Visit Big Tree
  • Visit Cumalıkızık
  • Walk inside the Kulturpark
  • Buy Towels and traditional products

Have a great time in Bursa 🙂


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